John Boyega: “F*ck Racist White People” Is Forever A Mood

John Boyega doesn’t have time for white racists online and neither do we.

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I don’t believe in the whole idea of woke bases, but if I did, John Boyega would be mine.

Admittedly, I don’t jump on the bandwagon to stan celebrities because the majority of them seem so out of touch to poor and working class people that it’s just easy to label them problematic and keep the bar in hell. And with our political climate drastically changing, it’s sometimes better for celebs to keep quiet and let us live in a fantasy land about them.

But John Boyega is growing on me. It all started when he unapologetically stated he wanted to date and marry a Black woman—remember that? While that might not be a big deal, to me it is and I’m sure other Black women can relate as well. To see a visible Black mainstream celebrity openly adore Black women is refreshing and I hope he meets his melanin queen sooner than later.

But we aren’t talking about his dating preferences now. We are talking about him being vocal about not tolerating racism. For an A-list Black celebrity to say, “Fuck racism white people,” is almost seen as something radical. We are so used to mainstream Black entertainers shuckin’ and jivin’ just to maintain their status, we get caught off-guard when a Black celebrity can seemingly relate to us.

Look, Boyega isn’t perfect and I don’t expect him or anyone else to be. He’s man enough to take accountability when he says things that might have a unintentional negative impact. But I can’t front, watching racist loose their marbles to him blowing off racists is hilarious. Who knew so many people would be upset at a Black celebrity for not giving space to racist people?

I’m not even a big Star Wars fan (sorry, Trekkie for life ????????) but I appreciate him using his platform to speak out against the injustice that Black people specifically the injustices that Black Americans encounter so openly and passionate.

Thank you, John Boyega.


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