Indie Game Store Offers Huge Gaming Bundle To Fight For Racial Justice

Published on Is Offering Games To Fight For Black People's Rights


What do you call a gaming sale where you can purchase 742 video games for $5 and support racial justice for Black people all across America?  I’d call it dope.


As a means to show their solidarity to the Black community due to the recent Black Lives Matter protests, has gone above and beyond. In a time when many companies are cashing in on the supporting the fight for equality, instead of using empty words, the indie game store got intentional.

After reaching out to the video game community and connecting with over 560 creators, they’ve curated perhaps the biggest video game bundle in existence. This is definitely what “shutting up and putting your  money where you  mouth is” looks like.

Dubbed the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, the initiative hoped to raise $5 million over 9 days.  Currently, they’ve already raised over $2 million and counting.  All proceeds will be split evenly between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund.


The games will all range from action adventure, mystery, RPGs and more. Beyond full retail games, the bundle also has demos and passion projects. You’ll find awesome indie hits like Oxenfree, Night in the Woods and Troika, as well as hundreds of hidden gems.

Donations begin at $5, but never be afraid to give more. Sale ends June 15.



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