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Continental in Philly is Absolutely Magical!


Continental in Philly is Absolutely Magical!




Philadelphia, I never knew you guys had such amazing cocktail bars!
   So I was with my good girlfriend, Giovanni Thompson  (who by the way is an amazing stylist/model based in Philly) and we were on mission to find a great place to eat because she had been working all day and I was tired from my tumultuous travels and disrupted plans (things happen) so we both were hungry.
   The first restaurant we went to was a Cuban and the menu was ok but I wasn’t quite in the mood for it, plus they had a lot of pork entrees and I don’t eat pork. So she suggested going across the street and as we were walking across the street she mentioned something about cheese steak rolls. She said it was the best thing ever. At first I didn’t know what to expect but the restaurant was busy and generally busy restaurants are good restaurants.
  The decor in the front was similar to an old school diner, it reminded me of the dinner from the original “90210” series, but more suitable for nightlife. The waitress suggested we go to the back where the dining area was a bit more quieter and secluded.
  When we walked into the area the decor had such a romantic yet relaxing tone that we sat quickly and ordered.
   I ordered a spicy indian beef kabob with pita bread and Giovanni ordered the Philly Cheese Steak Rolls with a side order of fries with a very pungent, yet sweet sauce.
      Giovanni insisted that I try the cheese steak rolls and they are officially “Party in My Mouth” status!  OH-EM-GEE. The famous Philly Cheese Steak fused with an eclectic Aside influence was absolutely brilliant!
    So as we enjoyed our meal and basked in the ambience of this perfect cocktail bar, the couple next to us was embarking on their own moments. The waiter brought out their desserts and one was a cheese cake and the other was a box- Yes, that type of box! He proposed to her the night before Christmas Eve! Giovanni and I were in complete awe (and a little jealous ha!) as we congratulated them. The waiter even gave them a bottle of champagne on the house!
   So if you ever find yourself in Philly and you want to have a great first date, dinner meeting, ladies night out etc, you must do your taste buds a favor and visit Continental.

138 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Subway: Penn’s Landing Open


Mad ethnic right now...

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