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Beyoncé’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure ’ epic Twitter game


Beyoncé’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure ’ epic Twitter game

Beyoncé’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure ’ epic Twitter game

Twitter user creates creative thread for users to interact as the superstar’s personal assistant.

Do you think you know Beyoncé’? Have you ever imagined being Beyoncé’s assistant? This Twitter user created a creative choose your ownadventure thread where users can pick answers to see if they would make it as Beyoncé’s assistant for a day.

The thread is fun and had thousands of users engaging in one of the most epic Twitter interactive games to date.

Most users couldn’t make it pass the red carpet premiere. Others failed when it came to situations where quick thinking, deadlines and anonymity are pivotal to be part of Queen Bey’s entourage.

Some users were able to finish the day without being thrown to the curve by Julius (her bodyguard). Other mere mortals were served termination papers right away.

You can follow the Twitter thread here.


Mad ethnic right now...

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