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Fabulize Magazine and it’s Spotlight Showcase is like NYFW for beauty addicts

Art and it’s Spotlight Showcase is like NYFW for beauty addicts





Yesterday was Beauty Press Day!

Why is beautypress so important to beauty bloggers, magazines and brands?

RH: Editors, bloggers and other media receive images and press releases for their sites daily, they are able to reach out to PR representatives, experts and post their requests for story resources (product, expert interviews, information) in the “Submit queries to PR teams tab” with 24/ 7 access and a keyword-optimized site that also provides Topics of the Week. There are endless possibilities for writing about products and discovering brands. Magazine editors’ access to many smaller indie brands allows these editors to discover hidden gems and unique, up-and-coming products.
They receive so much more than just being contacted by PR teams. It is a very useful tool for them, as well as their graphic department to access information for print issues.
For brands, the opportunity to store official press releases in one place accessed by the press year round is invaluable. The newswire service dedicated to informing over 2000 beauty editors of new launches is an invaluable tool. It is a cost efficient way to connect with the media and increase targeted digital presence. Each press room is only accessible by the media and the individual brand, providing brand confidentiality from competitors. Brands may access the editor queries tab online and respond to editor questions directly. This provides dialog and relationship building.
The Spotlight day events provide the actual face time and one to one when it comes to establishing meaningful relationships with the press. The Spotlight Day events are a great way to have a fun day of desk sides outside of the office. Here, editors meet 14 brands in an intimate and constructive environment.

VF: beautypress connects brands to beauty editors through press rooms and press event services. A lot of brands, especially new indie brands, don’t have a big budget to go to a PR firm for support. beautypress provides a cost effective solution for brands that want to get buzz surrounding their brand. Beauty editors are always on deadline and always have a story to write. beautypress is a time effective tool for editor’s research. In this one platform, editors can access brands’ press releases, download the high-resolution images direct to desktop and the PR contact details are listed to ask follow up questions. Users can learn about what’s new in the beauty industry, have access to over 100 beauty experts for commentary. beautypress gets the job done for both brands and editors.

DN: Research is a huge part of performing well at any job. For editors, beautypress is just that– a digital research library. We’re working on making that library as extensive as possible. The brands are able to get exposure and the editors get to know and shine a light on a new or familiar brand if they so choose. The great thing about beautypress is that we’re not just propelling brands; we want to propel editors forward in their careers. We’re all about growth that way.

How long have you been in the beauty industry? What is your professional experience?

RH: We have been running beautypress and other platforms out of Europe since 2000. I personally have been a member of the team since 2011 holding the position of International Business Development Director. I have extensively traveled and worked globally with a keen interest in cultures and adapting business concepts to local markets. I have worked in a variety of areas from Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism to Sporting events, each industry bringing with it a wide range of interesting people and ways of looking at things. I started working for beautypress based on my interest in the digital landscape as well as the adapting a European concept to the US. Furthermore, working in beauty is exciting as there are so many avenues to go down with tons of opportunities and interesting discoveries.

VF: I’ve been working with beautypress for over a year now, this is my first job in the beauty industry. I held previous PR internships with Viacom- MTV Network and New York Magazine.

DN: I started my career in PR working for a boutique agency with beauty and lifestyle clients. Before I officially started in PR, I was producing charity events in college and getting prominent companies to sponsor my events. I think PR was my way of linking all my talents. While in PR, I decided that although I respect the field, I needed more. So, I got my Masters in Communication and Information Studies covering Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Globalization. Sounds like a lot, right? It’s not nearly enough. I learned a great deal about strategy and interpersonal communication. While in grad school, I worked freelance in media relations, events, gained clients, met great people, landed great sponsorship opportunities. It’s interesting because now I think I always knew I wanted to work in outreach strategy. I started at beautypress in August 2013, I love the research, reputation building, conceptualizing and the tons of thrilling aspects of my position as Editor Relations Manager.

I’ve been to a few beautypress events and this is the first one I’ve seen more welcoming to ethnic audiences with more products to fit more women of color. Was that intentional?

RH: Yes because we have been lacking in this category and wanted to match needs with suitable products. Our objective at beautypress is to provide fitting products and brands for all categories, cultures, gender and age range. The aim to fill a variety of categories has already resulted in an extension of the Spotlight Days calendar to 4 Quarterly events provide this variety. We don’t want to lose the intimacy of the event as the format works very well. If there are too many brands all at once the event loses focus.

VF: We have brands approaching us to join our Spotlight Day press events and we also have a team that approaches brands offering our services. That’s the great thing about our Spotlight Day press events. You just never know what brands will be there and what they will have to offer.

DN: We notice which categories are not being met. Ethnic audiences were at the top of the list. The beauty industry have evolved scientifically and extending culturally. There are TONS of products for specific minority and cultural groups. We’re either going to put feelers out or they will find us in due time. We’re also looking at Men and more Parenting/ Juniors.
Like Robynne said, we’re aware of cultural and subcultural groups and we want to create events where they will see products and have a “wow” moment.

BeautyPress spotlight is like fashion week for beauty junkies, how do you select what brands to showcase?

RH: Wow! That is quite a compliment. Maybe we should launch beauty week next…watch this space.
The importance when selecting brands for the showcase is to try and keep category exclusivity while providing a nice variety of brands. We are always open to suggestions for additions and ideas on this note though.

VF: Thanks for that great comparison! Brands approach us and if they want to join our Spotlight Day press event we open our doors to them. We also approach brands to see if they’d like to join us for the beautypress Spotlight Days. There is no criterion when it comes to approaching brands. We want to work with all of the beauty brands out there. Every brand, big or small, deserves great press!

DN: Officially taking over that tag. “Fashion Week for Beauty Junkies” sounds like a campaign. Trademarks and copyrights all over that. Thanks for the idea, Erika! Essentially, we embrace a “come one, come all” policy.

What are your beauty must haves? What’s in your bag right now?

RH: I am a very active person so I stick with small handbags so I can move quickly and get places. My bag fits a nice Swarovski pen, a small hand made wallet made from tetra pack cartons, keys with an African beaded lion on it, an Aloe Source lip balm, sunglasses, headphones, a comb, mini concealer, Babor lip stick (in plum1 It doubles up as a bit of blush if needed) and gum. Oh, and I also have our last exhibitors, Blo Dry Bar, fabric hairband in there with a sparkly silver bangle on it. Looks fab as a bracelet and in your hair 🙂

VF: My beauty must have is a lip balm. No lipstick ever looks good without proper hydrated lips. In my bag right now is Altoids Smalls because you never know who you’ll meet and when, a travel size bottle of Versace Crystal Noir, Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, and way too many other products for me to list.

DN: I carry a pretty large satchel with a ton of stuff, including a laptop on occasion, a notebook appropriately labeled Brilliant Ideas– okay, let’s see, my must haves: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash, The Aloe Source lipbalm, MakeUp Forever MicroFinish Powder and Red Velvet Cake lip gloss by Philosophy. Does anyone even wear lip gloss anymore? I love it because it has a slight wine tint and smells like chocolate. I keep two lipsticks just in case of meetings or after work meet ups: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural and Wet n Wild Ravin’ Raisin. I’m pretty sure there’s a black glitter eyeshadow in there too and a LORAC bronzer. You never know when your face needs a pick me up.










Mad ethnic right now...

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