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Attack on Titan Season 2 just dropped, and talk about a plot twist!


Attack on Titan Season 2 just dropped, and talk about a plot twist!

Why is the titan in the wall,bro?


I tried my best to upload a video for you to watch it if you haven’t already, but my basic ass HTML skills won’t let me be great. Anyway, Attack on Titan is back and it’s still gruesome and confusing as hell. I have not read the manga and from what I understand the manga is really long but this first episode had me clutching my pearls. It starts off with everyone in confusion and preparation and then it happens; the wall is starting to crumble and the face of a titan appears. I can’t even recall everything from the last season so I’m like, why is there a titan in the wall?!?!? The wall was made to be a barricade from the titans and there’s a titan in the damned wall!!!

Ok, Ok I’m thinking that the Survey Corp can defeat the titans and I’m just waiting for them to chop off their heads and be done. Nope!


Who or what the fuck is this?

Who or what is this? Why is he so HUGE? Since when did titans sprint? Who is this abnormal/gigantic ape-man and how does he know how to speak? Why and how is he controlling the other titans?


Watch the video if you can still view it. Then you can leave me a message to help me understand.


Mad ethnic right now...

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