‘Adventure Time’ creator creates new adult animated series ‘The Midnight Gospel’ for Netflix

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I don’t think we talk about how important Netflix is to the animated storytelling world. I mean granted, we all loved the Marvel shows and everyone loves a good throwback series and movie but Netflix has been running the table with original animated programming that not even Disney+ can match. Shows like Tuca & Bertie, Bojack Horseman, Carmen San Diego, The Dragon Prince and Big Mouth, it’s fair to say Netflix has an eye for animated entertainment.

Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward along with podcaster Duncan Trussell are working together to create an original animated series for Netflix called The Midnight Gospel. According to The Wrap, Ward and Trussell will be listed as co-creators and executive producers for the series. The show will follow Clancy who is “a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator” that “leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds,” according to Netflix.

Journalism and podcasting in space? Sounds cool to me. I am sure some snark will be added to entertain viewers and fans of Adventure Time.

The Midnight Of Gospel will only have eight episodes which is shorter than a lot of animated shows on Netflix that cut off at ten episodes a season.

I am going to give this a shot because like I said, so far, Netflix has been on the money when it comes to animated series. She-Ra, The Dragon Prince, Big Mouth and Tuca & Bertie (now canceled) are my top favorite animated series from Netflix. This time, I won’t wait until it trends on social media to talk about how good it is, I am just going to expect it to be entertaining.

While Netflix might not ever replace other services known for animated films and anime such as Crunchyroll, Netflix can carve a market for itself for adult-themed animated programming that Disney+ won’t offer and Hulu won’t commit to. Netflix doesn’t have to be Disney+ to survive but producing top-tier content is a must and they have shown with their animated projects that they are great at picking shows. I am still sad that Tuca & Bertie was canceled though ( shakes fist). I think if Netflix zeroed in on adult-themed animated series it can survive the battle of the streaming services. I can’t wait to watch this one.


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