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28 Days of supporting Black creatives: Meet The Virgo 8 Suite


28 Days of supporting Black creatives: Meet The Virgo 8 Suite

To celebrate Black History Month, we are highlighting black creatives every day to showcase the talents and many gifts from our community. We have a variety of designers, media, artists and entrepreneurs to highlight this month.

On the third day of blackness my sibling gave to me…

About The Virgo 8 Suite:

I have always loved music, particularly black rock and funk. I began finding artists i loved and their album covers or “lost file” pictures to print for my own statement apparel. I was asked several times “Where’d you get that t-shirt/sweatshirt?”, and then the idea for my shop was born. I have weird pop art collages and obscure artists I print on tees and sweatshirts in my Etsy shop.

IG: thevirgo8suite

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