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28 Days of supporting Black creatives: Meet Agents of the Circle podcast

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28 Days of supporting Black creatives: Meet Agents of the Circle podcast

To celebrate Black History Month, we are highlighting black creatives every day to showcase the talents and many gifts from our community. We have a variety of designers, media, artists and entrepreneurs to highlight this month.

On the tenth day of blackness, my sibling gave to me…

Meet the Dungeon master, Sphinx Akashaa Duncan

About Agents of the Circle podcast:

Sphinx Akashaa Duncan puts on the hat of Dungeon Master as he runs an original 5th Edition campaign for his friends, set in the Eberron universe. Dice will be rolled, spells will be slung, and funny voices will be heard.

Sphinx Duncan breaks down what his podcast is about:

Well…it’s a D&D podcast of an original campaign that I run and create set in a magepunk world where the players are agents of an ancient peacekeeping organization that is tasked with protecting reality from the things that want to corrupt or destroy it. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue more often than not.


Mad ethnic right now...

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