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10 Unapologetically Black Gifts To Give To Your Favorite Melanated Loved Ones


10 Unapologetically Black Gifts To Give To Your Favorite Melanated Loved Ones

Do you have a hard time shopping for your favorite black nerd and geek enthusiasts? Do you feel like they have all the books and comics and cool gadgets they will ever need? Are you always stumped on what to give your most eccentric friends? Don’t sweat my pet, because I’ve compiled a short but smart list of suitable gifts to give your zany friends and loved ones.

There are so many things an active inquisitive mind would love to get their hands on and with the growing number of black-owned fashion brands that promotes unapologetic blackness, you’ll be sure to find the perfect, unique gift. Here are few items that you and your eclectic nerdy and creative friends will adore and cherish for years to come.

Melange Parfait

Nothing says love like black love-themed expression cards. Treat your girlfriend, BFF or any loved one with a card that embraces culture, style and love in color.

Ujamaa Box

Anyone can make their funds stretch while supporting black-owned businesses. Ujamaa Box is a monthly subscription service that curates fashion, art, beauty and food products that are created by black businesses owners in one box.

The Ex-Con, Voodoo Priest, Goddess, and the African King: A Social, Cultural, and Political Analysis of Four Black Comic Book Heroes

Just about everyone has seen Marvel’s Luke Cage and with the high anticipation of Black Panther in 2018 and more cons being catered to black nerds like BlerdCon, fans are looking for more resources that really explains what black superheroes mean and why they were created in the time period that they were.

Innovative Supplies

Get your favorite writer a #BlackLivesMatter notebook so they can write their thoughts on a pad that always reflect their intentions.

Tuskegee Heirs

Know someone that appreciates history and science fiction? Give your favorite reader a graphic novel and t-shirt of Tuskegee Heirs. Tuskegee Heirs is a futuristic sci-fi adventure that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators, who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization. The duo looks to pay homage to the historic Tuskegee Airmen, while bringing forth a new set of character rich, young heroes. Celebrate afrofuturism, black business, art and creativity all in one.

Color Grind

We all know someone who is a big supporter of artisan goods so gift them a subscription box of black-owned artisan goods? Black-owned seasonings, preserves, sauces and a lot more surprises can be at your reach every month.

My Muse Dolls

We all know representation matters and it’s important to give our young girls dolls that look like them. It’s imperative that young children of color see themselves even in fiction/fantasy/imagination aspects. You can build your own doll by selecting skin tone, hair texture, and outfit.

Aza Comics

Everyone deserves to see themselves represented in the superhero genre. We are fast becoming a global culture in which all ethnicities, languages, and nationalities are being embraced by the average individual and it is the time that our entertainment reflects that. Despite the lack of cultural diversity, I think that it is a shame that there are so few female superheroes even though women have always been the most marketable in any realm of entertainment. I plan to change that.

We need more women superheroes and we definitely need black women superheroes. Aza Comics was created by Jasmine Truesdale and her goal is to create stories that involve women being the protagonist. Give the gift of heroic heroines to your favorite superwoman.

Lost Queens

Give the gift of bling to your favorite Queen! Lost Queens has body jewelry, bracelets, rings and earrings all at affordable prices. The pieces are named after extraordinary women like FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Billie Holiday and Shonda Rhimes.

Curls + Controllers

Calling all natural hair gamers! This is the perfect gift for your favorite gamer that’s also natural. Your box will include natural hair products and cute, nerdy trinkets and accessories. You can play online with a leave-in conditioner and not even think twice about it.

Yeah, I know Christmas is here but there are Kwanzaa and Black History Month, so there is no wrong time to give these gifts.


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