There’s a new Sailor Moon podcast just for Black girls

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Victoria L. Johnson has been putting in work. A writer by day and Sailor Moon fangirl by night, Johnson has her plate full. Not only is Johnson a dope writer she’s also a dedicated hip-hop head. Johnson who has co-hosted the four-year-long podcast Nerds on Hip-Hop has also co-moderated panels at San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con and Anime NYC covering anime and hip-hop. Last year, she moderated TMS Entertainment’s MEGALOBOX panel with Director Yo Moriyama and Producer Minako Fukiyoshi. Now, she is giving Sailor Moon fans a reason to tune in to her once again with her latest project, Sailor Moon Club Podcast.

Fabulize got a chance to chat with Victoria about fandom, kawaii fashion and of course, the Sailor Moon Scouts!

Fabulize: What was the deciding factor in making a Sailor Moon podcast?
VJ: I’ve loved Sailor Moon for such a long time and I’ve always wanted to do a project based around the show. I had a few different ideas of how to do so over the past few years but this is the first time everything seemed to click. I came up with the idea in January and it’s been a seamless process. Also, it’s really fun to talk to other Sailor Moon fans!

Fabulize: Why do you think Black girls love Sailor Moon so much?
VJ: I think that Black girls often get underestimated but despite everything we manage to excel and do amazing things much like Sailor Moon. We’re also magical like the mesmerizing transformation sequences! The Sailor Scouts/Senshi are smart, creative, funny, cool, and they have great fashion sense much like many Black women I know.

Fabulize: Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character?
VJ: Sailor Moon! I relate to her so much as someone who cares about her friends and faces her fears despite being terrified!

Fabulize: Subs or dubs?
VJ: I’m a sucker for the OG dubs since that’s how I was introduced to the show during the Toonami’s block in the 90s. Molly’s Brooklyn accent is legendary. But I love the new dub and of course the subs as well!

Fabulize: What type of content will you cover on your podcast?
VJ: I will be talking to Sailor Moon fans about their career, life, and Sailor Moon. In addition to asking them about how they became fans of the show, I’ll also ask them to give advice about their career to listeners and talk about some other areas of pop culture they enjoy. For example, our first episode is with Adorned By Chi founder Jacque Aye so we talk about being an entrepreneur and starting a business in addition to our favorite Sailor Scouts! In next week’s episode, I talk with A Blade So Black author LL McKinney about worldbuilding in fiction, our love for Boy Meets World, and finding friends through Sailor Moon.

Fabulize: What can Sailor Moon fans expect from your podcast?
VJ: Sailor Moon fans can expect me to talk a lot about Sailor Moon but also to gain insight into different people including comic book creators, novelists, manga editors, influencers, and more.

Fabulize: Describe your personality in three Sailor Moon characters?
VJ: Sailor Moon (as described above), Sailor Neptune (calm, cool and collected sometimes), Sailor Mercury (I love researching)

Fabulize: If you had to pick a Sailor Scout’s personal fashion style, who would it be?
VJ: Sailor Neptune or Sailor Pluto for sure. They had their lives together!

Fabulize: What’s your favorite Sailor Moon trinket or Fandom piece?
VJ: I love the compact from Sailor Moon R. It’s such a classic design and makes me feel like I can transform. I also love the Luna/Disguise pen and wish it got used more in the original series!

Sailor Moon Fan Club is now streaming on all platforms.


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