A Couple Unconventional Beauty Products That Surprisingly Work

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Disclosure: We received samples from Surface Deep and Kelsen products in order to share our opinion about their products, but this isn’t a sponsored post.

We are all trying to survive in the age of COVID-19.

Buying stuff, even the bare essentials right now are a hassle. If you are like me you probably hate going shopping right now, besides, who is really enjoying shopping in the middle of a pandemic?

Depending on where you live, essentials like deodorant, soap, toiletries and paper goods are hard to come by. People are hoarding supplies and while you might feel defeated, you can use this time to step out of your comfort zone to try some new products that others might not even be aware of.

What to do when the deodorant is sold out?

If you don’t want to go the baking soda route ( which let’s be real, that’s probably sold out, too) you can introduce yourself to the Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Pads. In the box are 30 cleansing pads for you to use under your arms. You apply on dry arms and one cleansing pad has enough product to use on both arms! It’s a fruit-based glycolic acid which means it is good for your skin. Do you have sensitive skin? Then you might enjoy this product as it lowers the skin’s pH and breaks up dead skin. Plus, it has a fresh smell to it that will make you feel clean.

I need shampoo but I also need body wash and I can only get one?

My baby usually uses all-over-soap that good for her hair and body. It’s convenient, it smells great and you feel clean after you are done bathing. Why can’t adults have that simple pleasure sometimes? Well, you can and you don’t have to smell like a baby either. In fact, you can smell like beautiful beaches and ocean waves. Don’t you miss that smell? Kelsen was created by some surfer buddies and friends who live that Cali life. They embrace skate culture and wanted to create products that are safe for the environment. Their bodywash and shampoo cleanser is tough on dirt but gentle enough for our planet. It’s basically having the best of both worlds.

So yes, you might have to improvise a bit in our new world. Some things you might be used to might not be available but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hygiene.


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