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Social media activism works: Twitter User stops Zimmerman’s juror book deal


Social media activism works: Twitter User stops Zimmerman’s juror book deal

malcolm x

After the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman for killing unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, people displayed their outraged. Not just outraged, but many of us them took to social media to release their frustrations. I love social media – I love the people I have met and interacted with whom I consider my friends. One of my Twitter Pals, @MoreandAgain who is not only beautiful ( the girl has killer legs) but she is smart, opinionated and resilient.

There is a term called Black Twitter that you might not be aware of. We as African-Americans consume a lot in America and we also set trends socially, especially on Twitter. Every news outlet online; Buzzfeed, HuffPost, TMZ, ABC etc you name it – they all watch Black Twitter closely to keep up with popular trends.

So, Ms. @MoreAndAgain started a petition to get Juror B37’s book deal shutdown. I could have worded that more eloquently but fuck it; it is what it is.

People assume that younger people of color don’t give a fuck about what’s going on but that’s not true. We do care! Some things are just not right and you would think since we all try to live in a “morally good” society we could understand why this had to end done.

People complain that people who are “social media activists” don’t do anything but complain.
Well yeah, you complain, you act and you attempt to change things for the better.

Zimmerman is walking free and he’s clearly a threat to society with his vigilante complex but for people to try to cash in on a tragedy without any doubt of any type of repercussions is repulsive. People from around the globe have stated their dismay of the outcome of the trial.

Yes, we can make a change through our social media sites because you know why? People listen. Even when you don’t want to pay attention you still see it.

The revolution will not be televised; it will be tweeted, re-blogged, Favorited and shared.

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