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Sexy Reading: The Wiles of Vela Kurv


Sexy Reading: The Wiles of Vela Kurv

 The Wiles of Vela Kurv

“THE WILES OF VELA KURV” is the story about a strong, sexy, smart woman who could save
her world, a world not to dissimilar from Earth today. The story starts at birth and progresses
to her young adulthood. She develops supernatural abilities through genetics and exposure to
alien DNA as a fetus and this causes an abandonment of love from the one person she adores as a child, her father. Because of her gifts Lorabella Kurv Wiles must become the deliverer of mankind and the keeper of the timeline. Because of the life Lorabella chooses, her nemesis lies in wait for revenge. As a secret agent, a girl becomes a woman. She investigates how to fight against invading aliens. During the hunt, a deal is struck to kill her, but only after the completion of her mission. Her maturation and battle culminates into a passionate love affair with the one person she can trust, Dr. Dan Gibson Val Demure. The story is a seductive, science fiction tale of the struggle for the survival of the planet Earth.

Sometimes when you get access to a good story or book you have to try to create the environment yourself. I appreciate writers that give me the best pictorial literature and have a sexy adventurous spin to it. I highly recommend this if you like Laura Croft, Salt, and Marvel Comics with a Sci-Fi sexy twist. It makes me want to grab my lipstick , high heel boots and save the world.

Riley Rose’s background includes film/corporate finance work for Deborah Pratt (Quantum
Leap Co-Executive Producer, and Magnum, P.I., Writer); Chas Johnson, (Executive Producer
and collaborative partner of Donald Bellisario, Executive Producers for Airwolf, Quantum Leap,
Magnum, P.I., NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles in addition to partnering producer with George
Lucas for Red Tails feature film); and Moctesuma Esparza of Maya Entertainment, Award
Winning Producer of Selena and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. She earned a Bachelor of
Science degree from The WP Carey School of Business at ASU, a graduate of The UCLA Writers
Program and a Screenwriter. Her credits include two film projects under consideration of
Sundance Film Festival 2010 and her writing projects include one dramedy, several Science
Fiction Feature Film specs and a joint collaboration for the Sci-fi Channel. Her creative
accreditations include the WGA Foundation, Storyboard, a Screenplay Development Group at
20th Century Fox Studios, RedShirts (Sci-Fi Writers Group) – selected member of UCLA Writers
Program Instructor & accredited writer: Ron Wilkerson – Star Trek The Next Generation,
Voyager & Stargate SG1, as well as Story Analysis screenplay evaluations, and other literary
properties under the supervision of Barney Lichtenstein, former story analyst for Amblin
Entertainment, New Line Cinema, and Largo Entertainment. Riley Rose has over 10 years
experience as an Investment Banking Consultant., and


Mad ethnic right now...

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