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Puff & Stuff – 4/20 Quarantine Edition


Puff & Stuff – 4/20 Quarantine Edition

Puff & Stuff – 4/20 Quarantine Edition

The day has arrived. Smokers all around are ready to rejoice when that magic moment of the clock striking 4:20 PM to BLAZE AWAY.

But….it is quarantine. Technically most of us have been smoking like an industrial chimney since the quarantine started. So how will today be different than any other day? Well folks, we might have to just get a little creative today. Especially since social distancing is the new norm and there’s nobody to pass the blunt to.

But that doesn’t mean there’s less fun to be had. Here’s a few things to spruce up the only 4/20 that has the entire world on lockdown.



Smoke & cosplay – There’s never going to be a better time to dress up as your favorite characters than right now. You’ve got all the tools at your disposal and nowhere to be. Even better? You can cosplay high. Bonus points if you’re wearing green.

Watch & hotbox – It’s pretty damn good to just smoke in your own home, but clearly you want to be with friends. Well now functions like Netflix Party allows private or public watching parties with chat functions. Plus, Netflix has your favorite green movies like Friday, Pineapple Express, Half Baked and more, so get ready to vibe out.

Blaze The Tracks – Nothing goes with smoking quite like a good soundtrack. More than sure most people have their favorite playlist ready. Well you’re in luck, because we’ve got even more to groove to. Wiz Khalifa just dropped a new EP (literally four songs and 20 minutes long, hint hint) today , as well as Dr. Dre – The Chronic has officially been released for all streaming platforms. Also, as always, the Internet is clearly riddled with the best high-times playlists you can think of, so fear not.

Watch The Streams – There are going to be an endless supply of IG streams during quarantine but today is truly a good day. A plethora of 4/20 themed streams will be up as concerts and performances, such as: Weedmaps – Higher Together (with performances by Cam’ron, Dave East, Wiz Khalifa, Erykah Badu, and more); Al Harrington’s Viola brand has a 4:20 Live with Freddie Gibbs and more; the Highstream 420 Festival featuring The Pharcyde, Melissa Etheridge, and others. Or if you prefer to be nerdy like me, watch a NASA Live stream from the ISS because being high and watching the Earth is A-1 for conspiracy theories.

Got any good ideas of your own? Name them!

Boredom will not win. Get your vape pen, pipe, blunt or edible ready. We’re making a new ozone layer today.


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