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Grooming is necessary!

Eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and mascara is pretty much my everyday makeup.

I’ve been using Paula Dorf to keep my wild eyebrows in check. I use the dark brow color which comes with a light wax and two colors you can blend to fill in your eyebrows. I first used Paula Dorf Cosmetics in 2006 and I was always impressed by the longevity of the eyebrow kit. I also like the option to two colors ( one is a bit more reddish than the other)

Pencil Me in Cosmetics is a smudge free eyeliner that is smooth and more healthier for the eyes. It doesn’t scrape your eye like some other hard eyeliners and it’s blend-able to create a smokey eye.

The first time I experienced One Direction makeup I was really impressed by the lipgloss. I like the way the lipgloss doesn’t dry up on my lips. I also like the way they change colors in the light. It’s almost like a mood (ring) lipgloss.

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Let me know if you like my half a hair bun 🙂

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