When makeup and art meet: Makeup that needs its own exhibit

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BuzzFeed posted this really cool post about beautiful makeup that’s so artistic and intricate it should be in a museum. And I agree. Some labels aren’t shying away from creating grand packaging because people like me when I’m not broke, eat it up. Here’s some products that made the list.

Hourglass This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous and for $60.00 you can smear it instantly. Ha.

Lauduré makes your cheeks authentically rosy by incorporating roses in its product.

I’ve been in love with this Nars Kabuki brush for about 5 years now. It’s so soft and it blends magically.

May Sum and her collaboration with Make Up For Ever

Stila cosmetics tapped into their inner Monet for these pigments.

In the 1960s, this Leaning Tower of Pisa lipstick was retailed at $10.00. I wonder how much it’s worth now?

Salvador Dali already has perfume on exhibit.

Vintage Pupa sells for over $100k, easily. It’s a music box and makeup case filled with eyeshadows, liners, polishes and press powder.

And of course Monsieur Christian Louboutin made the list. His luxury nail polish is sexy and inspired by the ballet.

For more art worthy beauty products, check the list.


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