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Movie Review- Black Panther


Movie Review- Black Panther

 If you’re black and a nerd, you geeked the fuck out at the mere mention of this movie being announced some time ago.

You definitely shared the trailers for months and even waited for a release date. When it was finally announced for a February 2018 release, you were pissed to have to wait so long but deep down you knew it’d be worth the wait. Then when the tickets became available, you hopped right to a website and bought them. Some folks I know are even throwing events to gather nerds from across the U.S. just to see this movie, (shoutout to Erika and folks at MSAB), and I won’t spoil shit here in case you didn’t see it yet.

 Just know that I imagine Black Panther to have set a new bar in superhero movies, black cinema, and overall film in general. From lighting, to writing, to cameras, to acting, to casting, there’s really nothing to complain about. I was worried that Marvel would advertise the black figures from the comics but the majority of screen time would be with white actors but oh no. This film was black as fuck. But most importantly…

 It was good as fuck. The storyline is definitely a sci-fi fantasy but also manages to be equally relatable. All of the reviews hyping up this movie are spot on and I feel mine is no different.

 Well…probably more profane.

 Either way, find a way to get a ticket and see this movie. I don’t know who wouldn’t at least like it besides a racist or a coon.


Rating: 10 out of 10 (Okoye is not for play play)



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