Black Panther Comics Are Free On Comixology Right Now

Fans discovered that Comixology had free Black Panther Comics online.

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Right now, on Comixology, you can download up to 150 issues of Black Panther Comics for free! That’s right, the deadline is not known but act fast because fans are downloading their favorite issues as we speak.

Comixology is only allowing 150 titles to be added to your account and with over 200 titles available, be prepared to pick your favorites. For those who haven’t read Black Panther before Coates, if there is a chance to read Christopher Priest’s run, there’s no time like now.

Since the untimely death of actor Chadwick Boseman, fans across the planet continue to mourn him. The actor was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago and only those close to him knew of his condition. His family held a private service near the ocean to celebrate his life. In attendance was the Black Panther cast, close friends, family and his wife.

Blerds everywhere will be grieving the lost of Chadwick Boseman for a long time. His spirit and impact will never be forgotten.


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