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About Fabulize Mag | Fabulize Mag

“I remember when I wanted to first publish a magazine. I was tired of seeing and having limited access to magazines that didn’t display a variety of black beauty. I promised myself if I ever got the chance to publish my own magazine I would feature every ad and every editorial with black women and other women of color.”

Fabulize Magazine has evolved from a blog to a print magazine. Fabulize is a beauty destination that was created by former makeup artist and skin care expert, Erika Hardison. Fabulize Mag targets women of color to discuss natural hair products, beauty and skincare products, art, style, events and urban culture trends. Women across the globe from Brooklyn, New York to Brazil to Kenya and even Tokyo will “Fabulize” in beauty trends, entertainment, and art – as they Fabulize themselves as a bombshell while discovering art, foods, style, and social events that cater to people of the African diaspora.

“I started blogging late in the blogger sensation era. I started blogging about beauty while I was still a contributing Beauty writer at D.A.M. magazine and I wanted to create a platform that I can talk about whatever moves me at the time. I didn’t want to be just a beauty blogger, just like I’m not just a makeup artist; I have many interests that include art,food , makeup, fashion and partying (ha).”

My biggest achievement thus far is producing a tangible magazine. It’s my own curated magazine that I put out annually ( with a separate holiday guide). It’s stressful but I enjoy the fruits of it and I’m glad that there are people that appreciate it too.

Finally, Beauty in Color!

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