Summer must have: Nest Fragrances Body Care Line – Don’t miss the Giveaway

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Laura Slatkin welcomed bloggers and fans into her lovely home to introduce the Nest Fragrance Body Care line.

Your body will thank you for Nest Fragrances Body Care products. Remember our Fabulize Mag home post and I was so in love with the Pumpkin scented candle I told everyone I knew how Nest Fragrances was the absolute best.
  Well apparently everyone feels the same and has been asking for a wearable fragrance. Voilà! The beautiful Laura Slatkin has created a body care line based on her celebrated candles. She has created a body cream that is just as invigorating and fragrant as her candles so you can now capture the aroma of Nest Fragrances and put it in your purse.

Mrs. Slatkin is so nice and she has amazing skin and her home is beautiful.

Guest were giving delicious appetizers and everyone received a parting gift of full size Nest Fragrances body products.

This spinach dip was so tasty.

Oh, and I believe her couch was Versace!

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury so Nest Fragrances is offering you a chance to win the complete collection for free! All you have to do is go to their Facebook page and enter to win!

Good Luck!

Photo credit: Taj Washington


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