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KLIX reusable brushes are safe and better for your skin if you hate washing your brushes

Remember our Makeup Brush Etiquette post? Well, we have discovered something ultra cool. KLIX Makeup Brushes are the makeup goddess gift to you ladies that hate cleaning your makeup brushes. These brushes are revolutionary because instead of cleansing them (which I know some of you don’t but I’m not judging you) you can just buy a new set of heads that are easily removable from the brush. These brushes are a great alternative and their reusable options gives you the peace of knowing you always have clean brushes.

Now I tried them and I must say they brushes hold more color than you expect them too. The eyeshadow brushes are great for allover color and pigments ( I used Lorac’s Serenity and MAC’s Copper Sparkle) and the brush is tight and applies colors very evenly and easily. I used the concealer brush as an eyeshadow brush because they come is sets of three: Concelear Brush, Blush Brush and Powder Brush. The feel of the brush is great and it will give you a great coverage it you are using powders. I have yet to try it with liquid or cream but I’m certain that if you are using powder foundations/bronzers these are amazing tools to have.

The price for a set is $59.99 and for 10.00 you get replacement heads which isn’t a bad price especially if you are used to buying professional brushes ( my favorite foundation brush costs 60.00).


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