Product Review: BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palettes

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Palettes come in Natural Shadow, Pretty N Pink and True Blue

Spring is in the air and all I can think about is my skin looking youthful and bronzed. I was able to try BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow palette in Natural Shadow and I didn’t think I would like the gel glitter highlighters but I did. The bronze color and the coca color are similar to colors I wear and it’s perfect for brightening up your face for the early morning commute. I wouldn’t wear the gel highlighters int the morning but I would add them to brighten up my look for after work.

The Natural Shadow Palette is only $8.75 and for five shadows that’s not bad. The color intensity is good for everyday use and it can rival your favorite drugstore brands.

Below is a quick snapshot of me wearing the Natural Shadow Palette with liquid eyeliner

“natural shadow”

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