Megan Thee Stallion X Crunchyroll Collab

The self-proclaimed “half rapper, half anime character” will be releasing an exclusive apparel collaboration with Crunchyroll

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It’s officially Hot Girl summer!

Crunchyroll, the official source for anime and manga in the United States took to its social media accounts to announce their collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan hasn’t been shy about her love for anime and even though she’s received some pushback for her choices, she’s just a regular hot girl that enjoys video games and anime. Can’t front, she broke my heart when she said she didn’t like Sailor Moon but everyone has their faults.

Details are limited as of now so there’s no telling what the collection will entain but we can guesstimate right?

School Girl Skirts

We need something to kill villains in and twerk.


Everyone and they mama making mask but it’s common for anime characters to wear masks so why not?

Baseball Jackets

Megan needs to give us some kawaii, hot girl baseball Jackets so we can flaunt our goodies while winning video game challenges online.

An Oversized Shirt Dress

Because Megan understands how important it is to be cute, classy and nasty all in one. It needs to be oversized so we can wear it casually but still sexy enough to twerk in.

Whatever is in the collection there’s not doubt it will sell out quickly. However, in typical fashion, male nerds are already expressing their disappointment on Crunchyroll’s Instagram. They feel the rapper is riding the anime wave for more exposure but that doesn’t make sense. Who gets more friends just for liking anime?

Nerd culture can be racistband sexist and the gatekeepers are generally white nerds. They gatekeep because they believe it’s the only fandom and hobby they are accepted in. To see someone like Megan, who is attractive, smart and hood debunks their reasoning on why girls don’t like them. Megan is the girl they could never get despite having similar interests.

Anyway Hot Girl summer!!!


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