These are the must-have mods you need to make your Black Sims slap

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I’ve been playing The Sims forever and if you have been playing as long as I have, you know that The Sims lacks serious diversity when it comes to creating characters. I remember when The Sims was still Sim City; a city-building where you acted as the mayor to build the undeveloped land into a city. If you were really good your city would grow into a metropolis that included crime, pollution and unemployment.

As the game grew in popularity so did the expansion of the game itself. The last Sim City game I played on the original Playstation allowed users to not just build their cities but to view their creation from the viewpoint of public transportation. It may sound boring but at the time it was exciting. Soon after, the creators of the famous game announced they were going to release a life simulating game where you would essentially play god in creating and making your characters do everything they need to do to survive. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

When gaming magazines were still popular, you were able to access gaming codes for The Sims like rosebud ( to add 1000 simoleons) and motherlode ( to add 50,000 simoleons) to increase and add more interesting playability options while you were playing. In the early days of the internet, there were only a handful of Sims boards where fans would find each other and exchange info and upload what used to be known as skins. Skins better known as what we now know as Custom Content of CC are gamer/fan-made additions not created by EA or the official Sims creators. Fans started to upload new objects to bring the personalized gaming experience to that game. It started off with clothes and hair and as the expansion packs grew in popularity, so did the fans’ eagerness to create content.

With all the content that was being made, there still lacked a real voice for diversity. Let’s face it, the skin tones were ( and still are) ashy, the body types have gotten a bit better and the hairs? Ugh, The Sims had awful hair if you weren’t trying to create a Bob Pancake or Bella Goth type of family. A lot of Black gamers like myself wanted to see more custom content that resembled who we are and what we see and this is how The Black Simmer got so popular.

Ever heard of The Black Simmers? I found out about this movement on Twitter after a photo set of some Black Sims went viral. The creator of The Black Simmer forum and The Black Simmer Facebook, Amira Virgil went viral for creating Black custom content and highlighting other creators who create custom content specifically for Black Simmers. Amira curates a community that embraces custom content that illustrates all aspects of a Black lifestyle. Now, you can live out your Instagram baddie life with lacefronts, baby hairs, visible Black phenotype features, stiletto nails, darker and richer skin tones, body types and more.

So you want your Sims to slap? Tired of looking and playing regular? Here are some custom content creators, pages and mods you should download as soon as possible.

Hands down, you need to download this first. You need to start off with better skin tones and richer browns than what’s available.

Melanin Pack 2
Amira hooks you up with 52 skin tones.

If you use the Wicked Whims, download this pack instead.

Willow pack

Body Types
Chubby body

Extra Large Body

Afro/Natural/Ethnic Hairs:



Content Creators to follow:
HBCU Black Girl
KiKo Vanity
Afrosimtric Simmer
Niecy Pooh

Shoutout to Skillful Simmer who created the blerd trait as requested by Fabulize! Follow them and download some awesome traits!


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