28 Days of supporting Black creatives: Meet Jess Inking

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To celebrate Black History Month, we are highlighting black creatives every day to showcase the talents and many gifts from our community. We have a variety of designers, media, artists and entrepreneurs to highlight this month.

On the seven day of blackness my sibling gave to me…

Jess Inking: YouTube Vlogger

I host a youtube channel. my focus is the experience of the goth subculture as a black, queer, and disabled person. I have a few mini-series….’what is it like to be black a goth’ a 3 episode series. ‘unsung black heroes’ where I share black artists that I find from the original 70s and 80s goth bands….when I get to it I’ll probably expand to current ones. you choose, I react, I take comments suggestions of songs and videos to watch and react to them. music earworms sharing goth bands I like that aren’t the popular 7 bands social media people share over and over, black-owned brands monthly reviews of non-goth and goth black-owned items I buy and use, music that gets me through which is non-goth music that has a personal meaning to me 90s hip hop goth influence where I share the videos and the songs that could’ve gotten us black people to goth pre-internet days and pre-access for some of us to rock music….

A quick note from Jess Inking:
If anyone does any movies short films or comics of black and brown horror/goth influenced characters please pm or tag me or reply or get to me. I’d love to promote your work in my black creators segments.

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  1. Jessinking

    February 16, 2019 at 2:25 PM

    Thank you so much for featuring me, I greatly appreciate it!

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