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This Black comic book art challenge #Heruary is highlighting Black indie comics


This Black comic book art challenge #Heruary is highlighting Black indie comics

This Black comic book art challenge #Heruary is highlighting Black indie comics

Are you looking to discover more Black superheroes that aren’t mainstream? You are in luck because the hashtag #Heruary was created to celebrate 28 days of Black heroes and sheroes, according to the official Instagram account.

The list includes a lot of renowned Black comic book creatives and writers that have gotten positive reviews from readers and academics across the Black fandom spaces. The hashtag was created by artist, illustrator and painter Aaron Beatty who is a Philly based artist. He created the list and the list includes indie Black heroes such as Brotherman, Harriet Tubman Demon Hunter, Blackjack, DMC and Mega Woman.

For every day of the challenge, artists are encouraged to draw these heroes and post them on social media. The artists that have participated include John Jennings, William Anderson, Steve Conley and Larry Stroman. These noted artists are sketching indie Black heroes which will garner the attention to new potential fans.

There are plenty of great indie books that center Black superheroes. You can catch some really dope books and content by attending local book fests. Last month was The Schomburg Center’s 8th Annual Black Comic Book Festival and many of these books were on-site and selling extremely well. Libraries are a great source to find diverse books and titles and you can even find titles that are suitable for younger children.

Kickstarter is also a good source to find Black indie creatives. Many Black Kickstarter campaigns have been successfully funded such as Trill League, Tuskegee Heirs and Hair Love. Black comic creators are at a point where they don’t need to have a major publisher to be successful. If the story is good and the art is dope, fans will flock to it. It is true, that indie creators have to work harder to get their name out but most indie projects look just as good as books you would get from the mainstream comic book publishers you see at the big cons.

So follow the hashtag, support some Black indie superheroes and find some new books to buy.


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