Were the 90’s Always Ashy?

Nowadays we know to avoid 97.9 percent of niggas disseminating some “Pro Black African” information, but let’s take it way, way, way back to the 1990’s.

Back in this era, we (read: me) weren’t really in tune with pointing out the bullshit like we are now, and “patriarchy
wasn’t a buzz word yet. Youngins like myself breathed in what we perceived to be a “positive” message, even if the
undercurrent of it was misogynistic and ashy as fuck.

As far as we were concerned, they were calling women royalty, nahmean? Dass gotta be a good thing, right?

Right….  >_>

Enter A Tribe Called Quest. For the sake of argument, we’re only gonna focus on Q-Tip. We know what Phife was about. He busted off on other folks couches nshit. Nah, let’s put that tunnel vision on the leader of the “Native Tongues”. I often hear people speak about Tip like some kinda sage (similar to how people think Andre 3000 is so profound) and I’m always like “Why”?

Man… Q-Tip wasn’t REALLY talmbout shit. Couple lil gems here and there, but in reality he was a more understated Phife with a kufi on.

Going back to listen to their discography, It reveals more about who they were as artists, and more about being wrapped up in a climate/narrative that Hip-Hop pushes you. Most of that shit, the African medallions, dashikis with random prints, and kufis were just as much of a trend as air force ones, and Jesus pieces. It wasn’t really representative of the people, but more of the era itself.

As the years progressed, more and more stuff started to stand out to me. Like if you peep Q-Tip’s classic, “The
Renaissance“, you’ll run into a track called “ManWomanBoogie“. Everything is all good until the 2nd verse.

Can man be stronger if a woman was there?
I would have to say yes
Can woman make it without men being there?
She would have to be blessed

This is some EERILY close to hotep ass shit right here, b. Red alert. Especially considering that black women must be the most BLESSED women in existence, as they raise black men like myself without their fathers. Ya looking shaky outchea Tip.

It made me go back in the catalog, and while I could never put my finger on it… it all clicked.

Q-Tip was the original Yada lmao. Minus telling women their periods were a European invention, he was ALWAYS teetering on the edge of hotep, but hiding it under his Kufi cloak of pseudo subtlety. This means that the majority of the shit from back then were probably in serious need of lotion and common sense. This is what they mean by ignorance is bliss, right? I ran another test and listened to “Luchini“.. had to just turn the shit off lol.

Don’t be like Price. Don’t ruin half your music catalog with present day research and ideology.

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