Issa Wokeoff!

Aight ya’ll, let’s have a conversation right quick. I won’t be long.

Listen. It’s 2018. A lot of shit has been flipped on it’s ear, including the status quo of quite a few things. One of those things being social justice.

There’s been such a titanic shift that its borderline created a digital retelling of Hatfield and McCoy’s, if the comment sections of every website imaginable are any indication.  This is the “Woke” era.  For those somehow unacquainted with the term, here’s what it means in brass tacks format:

Woke, per Urban Dictionary:
Being aware of the social. and political environments regarding all demographics and socioeconomic standings.

The problem is that in this era, “woke” has become it’s own status quo, with rules, regulations, and a general consensus of what it means to be so. It’s also become something of a uniform to put on, as being “woke” is the new social circle alignment for many. Its high-key become a competition of sorts, whether or not that makes sense.

Welcome to the new “Cool Kids” table, Which now requires you be a performative, gluten free, accepting of the  LBGTQIA-ABC123 consortium, non-GMO, non-ableist, feminist, “extremism is my default language” vegan.  Hyperbole aside,  woke is now being utilized as a superiority mechanism, with the power to banish those not quite as hip or enlightened to current affairs and the latest tragedies to the nether realm.

Right now, niggas are on Facebook posts and Twitter flexing their fingers like “I’m about to fuck ALL these niggas up with how much more woke I am than they are!” That’s the problem. This new status quo seems to have forgotten it’s own purpose. At some point, it stopped being about protecting folks, and seeking equality for those without as much as it became about upholding the new idea of cool.

Now don’t get me wrong,  While I love that “cool” is protecting those atypically ignored by the mainstream, and government, it doesn’t do anyone good if your “wokeness” is only online, or only in certain company. Half of the time, online engagements often devolve into Zoolander-esque performances. I expect  21 Savage and Billy Zane to pop out of nowhere sometimes like.. “Issa WokeOff!”

TL;DR? (too long, didn’t read for you niggas new to the internet)

Folks are going home and taking off their enlightenment like it’s a pair of shoes. That level of in-authenticity only serves to slow down the cause of actual progress. Niggas gotta stop treating shit like merit badges and being their “representative” selves in the public sphere. “Wokeness” shouldn’t be a form of social currency, to be spent exclusively in pats on the back. Being a decent human being naturally is the actual move.

Do better, niggas. Before you catch this Blue Steel.


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