Sexy showers and beautiful feet by Spongelle (@SpongelleLLC); two things a woman needs when naked (Ad) | Spongelle Body Buffer

“Roses really smell like boo-boo” – Andre 3000

Nah. Bulgarian Rose Body Buffer by Spongelle is the unique combination of Beauty + Innovation + Technology. There is nothing better than running a hot shower and having the exotic feeling of the aromatic scent of roses pampering your curves. When it arrived in the mail, I was smitten with how pretty it was packaged. It felt like Christmas time for me! I mean, even the box smelled delicious! The wrapping was luxurious and I couldn’t wait to use it. It also came with a Pedi-Buffer that embodies sea salt and an invigorating sense of cleanness.

At first I was a little indifferent to the Pedi-Buffer but the results of my toes and feet were unexpected; after using the Pedi-Buffer, my feet felt like I had just come from the beach (You know the ocean water and sand is the best and natural exfoliate for your skin and feet) and my feet felt smooth. If you know me, you know how much I adore smooth feet all year round.

There are many body buffers and products you can use to make you feel good, but why settle for something ordinary when you can fabulize yourself with something that will pamper you extensively?

Do yourself a favor and try a Spongelle, check the website or your local Anthropologie store.

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