I’m part of the #ILLFashionTour with @CosmicMedium ! | #illfashiontour

Illustrated but never duplicated!
Illustrated but never duplicated!

Have you seen the #IllFashionTour? It’s pretty dope! Laura B., who sketches, draws and illustrates, picked some col bloggers (including me!) to be part of her art series. I’m so honored. Today, I opened up Instagram and saw the photo I gave her made into a dope illustration.

Here is the original photo:

The original photo I gave Laura B.
The original photo I gave Laura B.

Here is what she did:

Illustrated but never duplicated!
Illustrated but never duplicated!

Ill right?

Laura B is dope -check out why she’s doing the #IllFashionTour below:

I have been working on “The Illustrated Fashion Blogger” book, created for all women and to encourage and inspire women to create a unique personal style. This book is important because personal style speaks for you without words. This book will uplift and encourage women of all sizes that they are capable of a stellar style. Within the book are 22 Pages of inspiration, encouraging words and illustrations! This book will be free to all of my beautiful subscribers this month! Join over 100 subscribers here http://eepurl.com/biW6Ej

In addition to working on the #illfasiontour book, I am cooking up something new! By the beginning of October, I will be sharing “Illustrated Styles From A to Z”! I love to draw and illustrate, but I love the style, so you know I had to make this book (I am that crazy art chic)! You will see what I mean! I just can’t wait to share this with you! Pre-order “Illustrated Styles From A to Z”!

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  • September 23, 2015 at 9:04 AM

    Thank you for sharing this and I am so glad you love it 💕


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