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The reunion we’ve been waiting for ever since it was apparent Chrisette Michelle wasn’t impressed by Chante Moore’s antics.

Throughout the season it appears Chante was made into the bad guy but at the reunion Chante came with a security guard?

Fashion wise, the ladies looked lovely.

After the show, Chante still threw a little shade at Chrisette saying that “she’s a friend now” on her Twitter page.

Claudette as always, seems to be calm, cool and poised and Lil Mo ( who I have to admit grew on me in a good way) is always fun to watch.

Leela James ( I loved her hair) seems to be the only way Chante Moore listens to and Michell’e who is always beautiful and painfully honest sets Wendy straight.

I hope Michell’e (can anyone confirm if she is Haitian?) gets all the help and blessings she deserve.

Full reunion will be posted soon so enjoy the clips with Wendy Williams.

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