In search for afrocentric housewares? Look at these finds

Kara Walker's limited edition pitcher
Kara Walker’s limited edition pitcher

Kara Walker’s Limited Edition Pitchers

Are you searching for housewares that reflects your inner natural diva? Are you infatuated with natural hair tea mugs and afrocentric pieces? I’ve put together a few dope pieces that are my favorites – to check for more follow my Pinterest and Etsy to see what I like (hopefully you will like them too!)

Hair Journal

Hair Journal

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Afrocentric beaded lamp
Afrocentric beaded lamp

Afrocentric beaded lamp

back plate

Decorative Afrocentric Love Plate

sister motion

Sister in Motion plate

kinky tea

Keep it Kinky tea mug

teapot face sculpture

Teapot Face Sculpture

african woman wall quilt

African Woman Hanging Quilt

lionel ritchie tea mug

Lionel Richie Tea Mugs

afro drink mug

Afro Mug with Temp Control Top

afro pick pillow

Afro Pic Pillow

afro girl duvet

Afro Girl Duvet

happy and nappy

Nappy and Happy Rug

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