My relationship with @curlkit and my hair: What I discovered about myself

my hair

I am not my hair, or am I? Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not but My dreadlock journey has been an emotional, rewarding test of patience and love. I finally love my hair after so many years of hating it I can say I love my hair – now. Years of mistakes, indecisiveness to want to cut it or keep it, I can now say it’s here to stay.

When I first locked my hair I had no idea what I was doing with my hair. I used beeswax and all types of hair products until I got frustrated with my hair. Then I wanted to explore more safer products that would nourish my hair but I had no idea where to start. So I found myself in my local Asian beauty supply looking for products that I had never heard of at all types of prices. I was a bit overwhelmed.

A few years later and a lot of money wasted and trial and errors I was introduced to Curl Kit – a monthly service that you can subscribe to and receive samples ( mostly full size) that is for natural and ethnic hair. I LOVE IT! I love it because I love receiving pretty things in the mail and I never know what I’ll receive until I open it! Curl Kit has made me a fan of new products I may or may not have tried for a great price.

It looks likes this…

It Starts like this:

…Ends like this

The ability to experiment with different ethnic and natural friendly products I think it’s fun, knowledgeable and frugal. I have tons of products I haven’t even tried yet and I realized that I can still achieve shine, hydration, and effective products that doesn’t strip my color and makes my hair dull.

So thank you CurlKit for your informative newsletters, testimonials and kinky friendly products.


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