My dating complex: I am a Loner and a Lover…

art print de vous a moi isabelle vital
art print de vous a moi isabelle vital

I love LOVE. I love nurturing and giving as well as pleasing. I love giving my undivided attention to my lover while looking deep in his eyes and touching his face.

but i am a loner.
i like to be left alone for long bouts of time.
i like to hear myself think.
i like sleeping alone.
i like being surrounded by my imagination a lot.

but i am a lover.
I love cooking for him.
I love showering with him too.
i love being held in the middle of the night and waking up to his head in between my full breast.
I love having breakfast with him.
I love rubbing his head.

But i am a loner.
I don’t call him everyday.
I don’t even call him every other day.
I don’t require a daily task of all the things he’s doing.
I don’t want him asking me where I am and what i’m doing.
I have a life.
and so should you!
I don’t answer to anyone, my life is what that means MY LIFE.
I have friends, you should too.
I’m a very sociable person, you should be too.

But i am a lover.
I love having you to myself.
I love that you are trying to tame me.
I love that you seem to understand that YOU CAN NEVER FULLY TAME ME.
I love that you understand that you must submit to me in some form of fashion for us to make this work.
I love that you understand my submission is a results of your submission to me.
I love that you are so fucking manly.
I love when you baby me.
I love when you tell me im a good girl.

but at the end of the day, I am a loner.

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