1,2,3,4? A,B,C,D? Girl, nobody cares what your natural hair grade is; You’re missing the point!

Natural-hair-type-gude1 i guess

Seriously, does it matter if you are a 4a, 3b, or 2b? Lately I’ve been seeing blogs and natural hair-type enthusiasts rave over their natural hair-type grade. Um, ok? I guess that’s awesome to know when you’re buying products but I get this sense of entitlement that some natural haired ladies feel over the dead shit that’s growing out of their head.

Please don’t get confused – I absolutely love natural, kinky, big, nappy hair. I follow numerous Instagram accounts that showcase beautiful men and women that have gorgeous braids, locs, afros and twists. But the reason you being celebrated isn’t because of your hair grade but because you are finally accepting who you are.

I think a few ladies are too caught up in their hair grade and might be using this hair grade system as another form of elitism ( you know that ” My hair is better than yours thing”) which is stupid. You’re missing the point! Hey you fine black woman, you don’t need to continue to classify yourself. You are more than just a letter and a number ( aren’t weaves classified as numbers and letters – let that thinking go!) and you hair, no matter what grade is awesome.

So it doesn’t matter if you have extra shrinkage or have loose waves, embrace them – they are yours!

beautiful barbies

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