Another Photoshop Beauty Fail, brought to you by Gucci

joan smalls

Another photoshop fail. The new Gucci ad which shows the beautiful Joan smalls apparently doesn’t like her legs or hips. How does she have two left limbs?

“Women keep a lot of things in their purses, but their hips aren’t one of them. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on women’s hips (having spent little to no time near them) but even I know that they tend to be somehow connected to an actual woman,” wrote Bryce, at Photoshop Disasters. “One day, I hope to confirm this.”

“Her torso is twisted, but there’s still something a little . . . off about the way her legs are positioned,” The Huffington Post added to the debate. “Does anyone else notice that her crotch doesn’t match up to her body at all?”

Reports are also stunned by the overuse of photoshop.

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