There is no secret that I love Jem

Jerrica aka Jem is my favorite cartoon/fashion icon ever in life

Yes. I am an 80’s baby and I am was obsessed with Jem and the Holograms.She was fly, intellient, giving and creative. She was forced to be independent after her father dies but she always made sure girls less fortunate still were taking care of. In ode of my favorite cartoon ever I’ve created a Look of the Day based on her funky style. I hope you like.

Check out the Versace shoes…YES!.

There is no secret that I love Jem

Emilio De La Morena polo dress
£690 –

Versace platform high heels
£744 –

Jennifer Fisher brass ring
$175 –

Juicy couture jewelry
$25 –

ASOS drop earrings
$27 –

Beauty Is Life lipstick
$28 –

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