If you wear hoop earrings then obviously you love slave jewelry as per Italian Vogue

Vogue equates hoop earrings to slave jewelry

Yeah, so, Italian Vogue thinks it’s so “ethnic and empowering” to wear hoops as they symbolize slave jewelry that countless African American endured on their slave trades to the Americas. Yeah, you read that right, somehow international magazines don’t receive the same history lessons that us westerners receive. I mean really? Slave jewelry? I like how they tried to make it seem glamorous and revolutionized by telling their readers they “should embrace the power these earrings signify” get the hell out of here with this garbage Well, since then, Italian Vogue has replace the “Slavery Earrings” with “Ethnic Earrings”.

I’m starting to think that foreign Vogues just make up history lessons to relate to fashion at their discretion which is lazy and shows how even in countries that “allegedly” are more cultured still lack the understanding of how to capture the ethnic audience.

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